Items worth (what you spend points on)

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Items worth (what you spend points on)

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:54 am

this will be real simple, each event will be placed here:

all money items will go to the ls for the bank. the bank will be used for future events and to aid with the purchasing of cursed armor.


Genbu's Kaubto, Shield, M Hands, A Head: bid points
A Hands W feet: 7 points
Seal: Sack Holder lot only

Seiryu's Sword: Free Lot
Seiryu's Kote, W hands: bid points
M Head, A Legs: 7 points

Suzaku's Scythe, D Hands: Free Lot
Suzaku's Sune-ate, E Head: bid points
N Feet, A Legs: 7 points

Byakko's Axe, A Head, E Feet: bid points
Byakko's Haidate: 30 points
D Legs, N Hands: 7 points

Kirin's Pole: Bid
N body, E Bondy: 15 points
W Legs: 20 points
Kirin's Osode: 40 points


Only thing in sea we will be dealing with at the moment is Limbus


Ancient Beast Coin:
LS Leader, or Sack Holder, will lot and distribute at the end. any extras will go to highest random.

Synthesis Items for AF:
People who have the job at 75 can lot these items.

Other synth items:
Goes to LS leader or Sack Holder for random at the end of the event.

Eye: bid points
Heart: 20 Points
Foreleg: 15 Points
Hind Leg: 15 Points
Tail: 10 Points

Cerebrum: 10 Points
Heart: 15 Points
Claw: 5 Points
Leg: 10 Points
Tail: 10 Points

Also, all jobs lotting from Omega/Ultima must be able to equip the item they are lotting.


money items will go to the bank. all abj will go seacom only. no points will be spent in this event.


armor will be seacom only. ancient currency will go to the sponsor of the event. all synth items will go free lot, with the exception of wootz ore. those will go to the bank.


the person with the pop item will be allowed to call out one item and their trophy before pop. the rest of the items will go bid points. the rest of the synthesis mats will go free lot.

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