Benjador's Application

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Benjador's Application

Post  Benjador on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:06 pm

Race: Hume

Time Zone: PST

Nation and Rank: Bastok Rank:6 ... i am lazy lol

ZM and COP Status: ZM: Complete PM: Apocalypse Nigh yes please

Jobs (not retired): PLD NIN THF MNK BRD
SAM 57, WHM 62 on their way to 75

Mains (jobs you wish to be on most): PLD NIN BRD MNK THF .... love em all but mainly i know BRD will be my LS life.

What are your current goals on this game?: To have fun, help people out, get Byakko's Haidate finally..., and just work on gear for my jobs... but mostly just have fun as i said.

How often do you play?: As much as possible between work and school.

Will you have a problem being told to get on a job other than your main?: Not at all... as i said BRD is my LS life lol.

What is your idea of a successful LS?: One that can work well together, have consistent attendance to LS events be it farm or pop, the ability to work toward the same goals, and the drive to help get everyone the gear they want.

How do you feel you will be able to contribute to the LS?: Well... I have BRD so we all know what I'll be contributing to the LS! lmao


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