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Post  kagomay on Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:15 pm

Name: kagomay

Race: mithra

Time Zone: EST

Nation and Rank: rank10 all nations main nation Sandy

ZM and COP Status: complete

Jobs (not retired): 75 brd 75dnc 75pup 75smn 73blu

Mains (jobs you wish to be on most): Brd Smn Dnc

What are your current goals on this game?: get good gear and be helpful

How often do you play?: everyday

Will you have a problem being told to get on a job other than your main?: no

What is your idea of a successful LS?: how the leader runs it.

How do you feel you will be able to contribute to the LS?: be on time and help as much as i can with everything thats needed


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