Hello and welcome!

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Hello and welcome!

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:49 am

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post! Just thought I would say a few things here. I started this LS because I have noticed there aren't too many fair LS on this server. Everyone is all out for themselves, or for their friends. I am not about that, if you beat me on a lot, you can have it! This is not my first go around at this either. I had ran a sky LS before, it disbanded because of too much drama! Now I don't think it will happen again here, nor do I hope it will! Let's get one thing clear: We're all here to have fun, learn, and get gear! Wether it be from sky, sea, eiherjar, dynamis, you name it; we'll do it! Also, I'm not planning on making people come to events. That's why I will have a point system in place. People have real life issues: work, school, home. They shouldn't spend every single nanosecond on here. I also believe that a LS should have free time from events to do other things, like leveling another job or craft. Believe me folks, it won't be easy! But if you have the patience, we WILL get the things we're all looking for!

Thanks for reading this post again, and please do post an app!

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