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Points Guide

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:16 pm

You earn points by the following:

Showing up on time for an event/farm = 1 pt
showing up late results in 0 points, you will receive the farming points though.

For every hour of farming a pop item = .5 pt

For camping a timed NM ie; Mother Globe = .5 pt/hour

Reffering a friend to the LS = 1 pt/ friend
note: if the friend leaves the ls before 30 days, you will lose the point. if they stay for 45 days, you will earn an additional 5 pt.

Points for Jobs:

if you have any of the following jobs leveled, or level them in the LS, you will earn 3 pt/job:


2 pt/job for the following:


1 pt for the following:

RNG with capped throwing
WAR or DRG with capped Angon/Tomahawk
having the following subs as a DD: THF/NIN/WAR/SAM (must have all for credit)
having the following subs as mage/support: WHM/BLM/SCH/SMN (must have all for credit)

I will openly announce points after each event. If there is a dispute with points, it will be handled asap.

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