LS Rules and Guidelines

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LS Rules and Guidelines

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:34 pm

These are the rules that I expect everyone, including myself, to go by:

1.) Please be respectful to everyone in this LS. We're all of different nationalities, race, religion, creed. Keep that in mind.

2.) No drama allowed, ever. If you feel tension rising, please bring it up with a SH or myself(Bigbadbali) to have the situation rectified.

3.) Never taunt or speak badly of another LS. Always show that you are better than the next person with respect.

4.) Keep in mind that it's Real Life > FFXI! If you have something to do, then go do it. A piece of armor is not worth your life being in shambles.

5.) Events are not mandatory. But if you are online and able to come, please do so.

6.) Do not argue about the job that you are asked to come as. You are asked to come as that job for a reason.

7.) Do not lot for jobs that you have either retired, or that can not wear the equipment. PERIOD

8.) Please maintain buffers on your jobs, it is highly important that you do this

9.) If you have to AFK tell a SH or myself(Bigbadbali) if you plan on being gone for more than 5 minutes. Emergencies do happen, we understand, but just walking away and not giving notice is inexcusable.


1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: Deduction of 25% of your current points

3rd offense: Deduction of 50% of your current points

4th offense: Deduction of 100% of your points and placed on 30 day probation.

any offense afterwards will call for immediate removal from the LS. After fourth violation you will need to be in good standing for 30 days for your offenses to clear. No acceptions!

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