Lynkux's Application

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Lynkux's Application

Post  Lynkux on Thu Sep 03, 2009 9:34 pm

Name: Lynkux

Race: Tarutaru

Time Zone: Central

Nation and Rank: Bastok 6

ZM and COP Status: ZM: Sealed Shrine CoP: The Secrets of Worship

Jobs (not retired): DNC, SAM, SMN (working on finishing sch, blu, and blm) Sub Jobs: whm (36) nin smn cor dnc blm sam blu sch

Mains (jobs you wish to be on most): No pref, all are about equal for me (though i do like being DNC)

What are your current goals on this game?: Have fun, and kick ass! And try to get jobs leveled with appropriate gear.

How often do you play?: As much as i can, between work it's tough, but manageable.

Will you have a problem being told to get on a job other than your main?: Nope

What is your idea of a successful LS?: An LS where the members are respected and given an equal opportunity to suceed.

How do you feel you will be able to contribute to the LS?: Many comical MT's and i'm an all around good spirited person.


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